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Welcome to Starway Computers Inc. Verison 2.0

I want to thank you all for coming and your patience :-)

We are the best company known in Central Virginia if not the ONLY company that offers professional work with some cheap deals. Read more on about us page!

I want to give everyone great news that MyPCBackup and GoDaddy is now our support! This extra aid doesn't take much and you can have us help you too! Savings is here as you requested you don't have to spend a lot of money to make things work. One great thing about these opportunities of savings is the fact that not only your well prepared ahead of time, but its really easy friendly even an 6 year old can do it.

Does your computer need repair and you almost lost hope? Are you sick and tired seeing the blue screens appear? Can you even use your computer anymore for anything? Regardless of what the issue is WE HAVE A SOLUTION!

So, you know the Economy Friendly Service is here so is our rates thats unbeatable to the rest! This is a service that works with ANY budget, the real deal is finding you the best there is without breaking the bank. Why take it to people that dont understand your situation, take it to a place that can fit YOUR budget.

Please feel free to check out the Photo Gallery to give you main idea of what we do! I would love to say because your GREAT SERVICE! We are going nationwide same cheap prices regardless if your in California or Maine. Starway is the best way for ALL your computer needs. Computers and Laptops arent the only things we recover, We also do External Hard Drives and External CDRom Drives.

If you plan on selling your computer system and want to keep your current drive so no one can steal your identity we can convert your drive from laptop/desktop into a External Hard Drive!

We also do Data Recovery so even if your machine doesnt run anymore, there is still possibility retrieve your data within close time period.

Check out Services for more services what we offer, you wont find things anywhere else from anyone else!

There is several ways we will try retrieve data from your machine, If we cant get it off we'll either return it to you or with your permission send it to a lab. Do note that sending it to a lab will be outside the companies rates. If we cant retrieve data no cost to you, most the times we can! READ TROUBLESHOOT section to prevent hard drive failure.

Looking into the Future... Windows 9 Start Menu
Windows 9 Arriving Mid-2015!!

People often wonder is Windows 8 worth buying? Take my word if they got Windows 8.1 that tells the world alot. Windows 8 is in the same category as Vista, and Windows Millenium. This video above will show how much Windows has progressed since Windows 8. Windows 8.1 was released back October of last year.

People often wonder are they going release a Windows 9? Answer is yes and due to Windows 8.1 it will be delayed.. Microsoft is working the hardest with 4 different operating systems which Windows XP Updates will be put on the shelf Spring of 2014.

Windows will stop updates for:
Windows XP April 8, 2014
Vista SP2 Mainstream Support will end April 10, 2012 Extended will end April 11, 2017
Windows 7 SP1 Mainstream Support will end January 12, 2015 the Extended will end January 14, 2020

Windows 8 & 8.1 Mainstream support: Until January 9, 2018 Extended support: Until January 10, 2023